Sunday, October 3, 2010

my gift from God

(Jonathan and Lalitha)

The name Jonathan means "Gift from God" and my Jonathan certainly is that. I have never met someone that gets me like he does. God made us for each other and the longer we are married the more ways i see how good my Creator God is at matchmaking.

I remember when i first noticed him. He was speaking at a missions conference at our church and was praying with passion and tears for the people of Afghanistan. It was only a weeks after that did I realize that God had chose this Mighty Man of Valor for me... ohhh how blessed i am.

He is my confidant, my leader, my lover… he is endlessly patient with me and full of grace.

To have someone that really "gets you" is rare. I know he was made for me because no one else could deal with all my whimsical passion (or some may say “drama”). No one else gets how my heart aches for all the people in the world and feels the same way I do and though we are polar opposites in personality and such... we have in common what really matters in life. It is what drew us to each other..... Jesus and Jesus’ love for the world.

So…. Happy Birthday to my gift from God!!!

I made the below video when we had just been married 5 years…..(it has been 7 years now)

Jonathan….. I am glad you still belong to me!!! – always yours…


  1. Oooh.. .love this video & love you guys. :) You are also so very beautiful. never forget that friend!