Wednesday, September 1, 2010

things that can't ruin my day

just in case you thought my life was some what blissful from my last the hour it took me to sit down, check my email and write that post.... my 3 year old pooped horribly in his bath... so i switched him to another bath, cleaned him up again, filled the other tub up with clorox and water... forgot about the water running in the other elijah his bible story and the tractor book....prayed with him... came back to my computer finished my blog... realized that noise coming from the other room was the water i left on... realized my bathroom was flooded 2+ inches all over the floor and my toilet was making funny noises....bucketed water as quickly as i could and toweled and bucketed and toweled... and so on.... and cleaned up all the evidence before my dear unsuspecting working late buhda (nepali for hubby) came home.

oops... i guess maybe i will be hearing from my loving buhda tomorrow about this one. though non of that could ruin my day and my smile.

p.s. do you think clorox really does kill 99.9% of the germs?


  1. Love it that "none of that could ruin my day and my smile"! You're simply the best! Miss you, dear friend!

  2. Oh no! Glad you're still smiling! And aren't you glad I'm reading your blog now? :-) Love ya!