Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holly's Hope

Praise be to God the ALMIGHTY!
the Worker of Miracles!
the Giver of Life!
He is sovereign and always good!
HE is always worthy of our praise!

About a year ago unbeknownst to us, but not HIM, cancer began to attack my sister's - Holly's -body.

It was agressive.

Holly is a loving homeschooling moma of 4 kiddos (from 2 years old to 12) among many other great things.

In March Holly went to the emergency room with an allergic reaction to Claritin... while there they noticed something strange on her lungs. After a week in the hospital they diagnosed her with:
Stage 4 Lung Cancer - Adenocarcinoma. It was in her lymphnods, lungs, spine, and also brain.

After her treatments surprising to the doctors there was only 25% of the cancer left in her body. Even the part in her brian shrunk which was "unexplainable" by the doctors (the treatment didn't reach that area). Amazingly Holly qualified for a daily chemo pill that not many people can take. So after the initial treatments they put her on that.

Most of you know this part of the story, hundreds of you have been faithfully praying... THANK YOU!!! and PLEASE CONTINUE to!!

After a recent scan of Holly's body the Doctor's Reported:

The cancer is stabilized.  Which means that there is no new tumors, no new growth and the cancer is disappearing.

Did you hear that?

a teary smile here bursting into dancing and praising God

Technically they can't say that she doesn't have cancer ever because she would have to be that way for 5 years before they said something like that, but this is really exactly what we want to hear....stabilized... disappearing....NO new growth.

Please keep praying that every cancer cell be defeated and gone and for the swelling and another minor thing she has to be healed. I beg you to continue to pray! Please...
Holly and Mom Christmas Last Year 
Holly's hope is not in tomorrow, not in the healing of her body, not in the gifts of God - but in her Maker. She trusts Him. I trust Him too. We know He is always good no matter what trials this world gives us... He remains the same, steady, loving, and good. 


  1. Oh, how wonderful! God is so good!!!

  2. I'm continuing to pray for Holly knowing that God is the Great Physician! PTL for the great news!