Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today i made my first momo!

"What is a momo?" you ask. A momo is a Nepal dish they have during celebrations. It takes a few hours to make but the fun part is in the making. Everyone joins in the cooking and fellowships as they cook together. Recipe below for Curry and Momos.

It is amazing how much joy and fulfillment an afternoon with friends and the smell of Nepali food can give me. I have loved people from around the world and their cultures since I was a child and longed to be anywhere in the world the Lord would place me and now in this season of being here in Roanoke, Virginia God is bringing the world to me.

makes around 40 + momos - easier if you have several friends to join you in the preparation.

Momo Stuffing:
1 lb of chicken boiled and shredded (keep the broth)
3 tbsp of oil
1 Cabbage finely chopped and kneaded
finely chop the following (processor works well*)
2 tomatoes
4 tbsp coriander
2 stalks of peeled ginger
2 tbsp cumin
5 cloves garlic
1 hot pepper (optional)
salt to taste

Mix all ingredient together well (except for chicken broth).

Momo Bread:
several cups of Whole wheat flour
3/4cup + of water (depending on how much flour)

With hands kneed flour and water in a large bowl to make dough. Do this for around 10/15 minutes adding oil and flour until you have a good dough ball formed. Roll into long link. Separate link into quarter size balls. Flatten the balls with rolling pin to make small thin flat discs. This whole process could easily take one person 1 hour plus.

Place stuffing inside momo bread discs and fold in half sealing edges lightly with a little water tucking the end inside the fold. Now the folding is hard to describe but the end result looks like this....

Steam on stove top for 10+ minutes over broth from boiled chicken and 3/4 cup of curry. (Afterwards the broth the momos were steamed with make a delicious soup or dip!!)

Curry (to dip the momo's in):

8 tomatoes chuck chopped
1 big purple onion chopped
1 or 2 hot peppers chopped
1 or 2 garlic cloves chopped
salt to taste

Fry onion, peppers and garlic together until onions are clear looking (around 10/15 min). Add tomatoes and salt bring to a rapid boil for 20/30 minutes.

*P.S. A processor or chopper is a highly recommended gift for any South Asian friend

The fun it in the make and the eating.

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