Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 things i really like about summer....

1. the miracle of a garden
i "by chance" started a garden from free plants friends gave me this year and some basil seeds i purchased. my sister has a garden the size of our lot our home rests on so i have got my organics from her for quite some time. though the other day i went out to see how my very disregarded "garden" was doing and lo and behold....harvest indeed! i threw some of the bounty in my spaghetti sauce and have also made some yummy bruschetta (recipe below) and check out the size of this cucumber!

2. popcicles on the porch

3. camping in the backyard

tomatoes (i used both red and yellow) chopped
4 tbsp (or whatever you need) extra virgin olive oil (evoo)
dash of Italian seasoning
fresh chopped basil
shredded motz cheese
optional - chopped up cooked chicken

mix the tomatoes, basil, seasoning, chicken (if desired) and some evoo. bast bread on one side with evoo and broil on high till light brown and crispy. flip bread over and add mixture heaping on top. sprinkle with motz cheese. broil again fro approx. 3 min or until cheese browns slightly. enjoy!

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  1. My kids eat all their popsicles on the porch too . . . just keeps us all happy that way. : )