Wednesday, July 7, 2010

feasting and fasting

40 days before Easter (for Lent) i decided to fast T.V. It really wasn't Lent that motivated me to fast, it was what God was revealing to me about seeing life through His perspective (read previous blogs to catch up). Garbage in - garbage know.

You would think it would be easy for someone that didn't have any T.V. for six years, but it was hard to begin with. Anyway, i fasted till after Easter then i felt like i should fast with a friend.... so i fasted it 30 more days. i had a one day break, watched a few shows and felt miserable - like i waisted my time on meanlessness. Then i had a group of friends that we altogether said we wanted to work on our relationships with Jesus and decided to feast on the things that brought us closer to God and fast on the things that took us away from seeing from His perspective... so i began again... anyway all that to say i have been fasting T.V. 119 days minus 1 and now i don't even have a desire for it...really! :)

This means i missed the last 5 or so episodes of LOST and i really don't care what happened. Shocking i am sure!

The feasting part is the really exciting part. Sometime in May God prompted my heart to go through the whole entire Bible and find stories to teach my children. So i am in Isaiah now... which may seem kinda of slow...but when you have 2 little ones, very little alone time, and your categorizing the whole bible including Proverbs.. well it takes a bit of time. i am loving it! i am reading through the New Living Translation which speaks the way i speak. If i have a few moments... that is where i want to be.. reading and sorting the Bible and discovering God. He is so very amazing... words can't not describe Him.

If you feel far from him, or you just know you need something to kick you back into what life is really all about.. try cutting out the things in your life that are distracting you from Him and filling that time with talking to Him and reading about Him. That is how we get to know anyone well - by spending time with them, and truly listen to them.

Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions. Psalm 119:18
Every word of God proves true. Proverbs 30:5a

now this picture doesn't have anything to do with the blog, but what is a blog without a picture?! this is one of my favorite summer photos: Great Grammy Grooms, new Riggins baby - Naomi Joy, and Jeriah relaxing at Jason's ball game in PA.


  1. Love this post and love you.

    And, I started fasting soda.. not because I wanted to get closer to God, but because since turning 32, my body is turning every extra calorie into love handles. Abby asked to touch my pouchy belly today. What the heck? 32 is not being nice. But the point of all of this was to say that I don't miss it at all now... amazing what you don't need when you choose to let go!

  2. Heidi - I'm right there with you! Reading through the whole Bible and loving the time spent on growing closer to Him. I started a blog to challenge myself in the area where I am weak to track my progress this year - and it really does help to be accountable to the good things I need to do!

  3. Heidi! How did I not know you have a blog?? Yeay, looking forward to keeping up to speed on your life. First off, well done on breaking the habit despite the pull of Lost. We don't have a TV at home, but found ourselves watching just as much thanks to Hulu, etc. We started watching Lost (ep. 1 season 1) in February-- thanks to the winter weather, Chris losing his job, and me being extremely pregnant, we went thru all 6 seasons in 4 months! (BTW you totally didn't miss anything, the end of the show was way lame.) Secondly, I hear you on the NLT Bible. I am using it to read through Luke and Acts with our teens this summer. Between Luke's account of events and the NLT's style, its is such a great way to enter the story of scripture. Awesome.