Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yes....it is a carrot!!! (in a scary voice)dum dum dum.....dummmmm!

Fear, terror and hatred have been my 3 year old's reactions to all vegatables recently. This boy who once ate more than Jonathan and i combined and everything that was edible now has an opinion about what he likes. With passion (or is it drama?) he has decided if it is not a cheese taco or an AB&J (Almond butter and fruit jelly sandwich) that he doesn't want it.

So... all knowledgeable experienced momas...i am begging for some help!! How do i get this boy back on track with loving his meals!?? He is hungry.... he has just gotton picky.

I want him to be grateful for all food we have been so blessed with not only because it is a good attitude to carry into adulthood but because i know the poor boy needs more nutrition than 3 cheese tacos a day. Rewarding and punishing are not working. Please help us!!! I will try anything!


  1. bah ha! I love the scary carrot. I wish I had some advice for you Heidi, but my 4 year old started the same thing at about 3 and is still hanging on to it. EVERY night dinner is a battleground. She usually ends up going to bed hungry. We ended up with the eat this or nothing else route. So we keep her plate on the table all night long!! Occasionally she comes back and eats it..usually..she goes to bed hungry. Like tonight...*sigh* let me know if you have any great ideas...

  2. Keep trying variety. With my four kids I had to find what they personally REALLY liked to always have on hand so they were snacking on their heathy likes. For Ashley it's apples. Sometimes she will eat as many as three a day as long as I have them in the kitchen. Basically if they're there, she eats them.

    For Jonathan it is carrots and for about the last year salad . . . he even orders salads in restaurants now . . . so they do change as they get older. : )

    Cole is the hardest, but he will always eat cantaloupe and blueberries and Nicholas loves cucumbers—he will always eat them if I have them pealed and sliced (even when he says he doesn't want them before hand).

    All four of them will always eat grapes and watermelon as well!

    Be encouraged Heidi . . . you'll find the healthy foods he loves. : )