Sunday, December 16, 2012


rest is a command from God... to rest in HIM... and sadly i am not so obedient in this command. It has been a crazy season.... which would seem less crazy if i rested in Him like i know i should.

So this week was staycation.... snuggling with hubby at night.... early mornings with Jesus.... morning story time and snuggles with my boys.... sweet times of rocking and nursing with my girl... ...making Christmas Cookies... helping Elijah with Christmas Projects... Christmas family movies.... warm drinks.... we shared God's love with others as family too...

... We  burned this on a CD and gave them out downtown. The boys loved this and everyone love them! Plus it is the best thing we could share with anyone!! :)
.... Elijah made crosses for straight street kids
.... We sang and gave cards to people at a local nursing home with other fabulous mommies.
.... we made special Celebrate Jesus cookies and cards and visited all are neighbors.
fun fun.... and we even got to play with Tony Kumar, our Indian friend, who stayed with us this week.

and finally... cleaning my house.... only uncle Charles knows the chaos this house was in... sigh..... this may not seem like resting but i think it is therapeutic.... ridding yourself of junk that is.

I love being a wife and a mommy and most of all a Daughter of the ALMIGHTY how i am sooooooo not worthy to be called that.... THANK YOU, JESUS....the reason you came to restore me to HIM!


here are some pics and video of "famawy" time as my little Jeriah says it....


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  1. Love how your 'staycation/downtime' still included so much serving others in Jesus' name!! Inspiring *and* convicting!