Monday, February 18, 2013

what if everyone said yes....

said yes to what Jesus was putting on their heart.... no matter HOW CRAZY it seemed or HOW IMPOSSIBLE it was....

like Noah did
like Moses did
like Gideon did

...not caring what PEOPLE said about them.

What would happen.....  i get the honor of seeing this all of the time... and it makes me elated.

this week i am thinking of.... 

A mom of 4 kiddos under five years old saying yes i am going to design clothes to give away for donations to build a women's shelter for abused impoverished women in India.

A grandma saying yes i will clear out my basement and make a place to sew things that will impact impoverished children and gather other women to join me and make things too.

A mom of 4 saying yes God, i will coordinate women to make quilts for impoverished orphans.

A mom that enjoyes the safety of home saying yes i will go all the way to India and teach women to sew and start sewing businesses. 

A woman saying yes i will quit my job doing things i know to work and do the things i don't know so much to build YOUR kingdom among the nations. 

and so many more yes's to Jesus..... a family gives to build a water well.... a woman gives to make a sewing kit for a impoverished woman.... a friend in India runs around getting everything together... a child fills a water bottle full of change to helpgive a child in India clean water for a lifetime...  a woman that ralley's her facebook friends... people just saying yes. 

It is beautiful..... and watch out .... it's contagious. 

In a little over a week we go as a family to India with 2 other friends to share and show HIS love. To teach some beautiful women how to sew and start a business to help them. We will also teach them what HE thinks about them. How HE created them for a purpose and  HOW He sees them as HIS unique beautiful priceless invaluable creation with a heart song that only they can sing. Some of these women have been taught all of their lives that they are worthless and treated that way too. Some of these women need simply a business to meet the basic needs of life. 

Please pray for us... we are excited about what He is up too and humbled that He wants us to be apart of it....... us..... sinful.... inadequate ... selfish... fragile that is the beauty we don't have know everything, or be skilled, or whatever... we just say YES and HE does HIS great plan.

We could say no.... HIS love for us would be the same... we would just miss out on expereincing HIM in the place of YES. :) 


here is a few videos of the boys last time we were in India as a family: :) 

....that is how they make gravel in India... :) 

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  1. love love love the veggie tale song presented by Elijah. Couldn't understand any of the words but the expressions and voice tones were entertaining enough.