Monday, February 4, 2013

Perpetua is 1 year old

On this day one year ago we got to see face to face our little one that had been growing in my belly. She came out quick. You can read her birth story here.

Perpetua came as a wonderful surprise. Last night as i was nursing her i was sharing with Jonathan how amazing she is... how God made her like no other in the world and there has never been anyone like her either... nor will there ever be. How God made her for a purpose and imprint on this world that only she can fulfill... a song of worship to him that only she can sing.

I don't know what the pages of her life story will say... He knows though .....her Creator. I just know now this little one was entrusted to me to teach about HIM and the purpose HE has for her and to love her like He loves.

Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful little one!

one week old.

one year old.

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