Monday, May 27, 2013

a love story worth telling

Everyone's love story is different... i particularly think Jonathan and i have the best one... :) It was written by our Maker.

When i was young the Lord showed me that His plan was not dating... any kind of "boy friend" relationship i was in with a guy i knew it wasn't pleasing to Him... He wanted all of my heart and He wanted me to trust HIM to pick out my mate in His timing. By His grace He perserved my purity and even taught me a purity of heart.

His timing came when i was around 24 years old. I was at peace with being single for years and even thought i might be living somewhere around the world showing His love without ever having a spouse. i was content in my singleness. Married to my Maker. It was then that God began to speak to my heart about marriage.. and just a month after HE began speaking to my heart i met Jonathan.

I was at a turning point in my life and i had already signed for a house in Colorado Springs and committed to serve a great organization that was into what i thought God was leading me to, the people who have never heard about Jesus' love. I left Texas, where i had served Teen Mania Ministries for around six years and i was coming to VA for a month to raise awareness and support for the project i was about to begin in Colorado.

My first week home in VA i was attending my home church's mission conference. I was speaking and serving there that week with excitement about what God was doing through my home church. I remember seeing the mission pastor, Jonathan Grooms, stand up at the banquet and cry as he was praying for Afganistan. I thought "this guy rocks!" He invited me to hang out with him and a crowd a few times but i was hanging with my family that i hadn't seen in a while. The next week he invited me to a faith conference going on in Roanoke and i thought it would be a good idea to join him. I also helped him in the office with Mission Institute planning per his request and by the end my second week home i knew something was up..... he was opening the door for me and teasing about be staying instead of heading to Colorado. I asked a mutual friend and she said she knew that something was up because Jonathan didn't do things like that to single ladies.

So we met that friday in his office. I knew that i didn't want to lead him on and i thought that i was heading CO and needed support for the project so this was going to an awkward conversation if there really was something going on and even if there wasn't.  Don't get me wrong He was an awesome guy in my mind but i knew all kinds of awesome guys and i really wasn't on the look out.. i was just looking at Jesus.

The cool thing about Jonathan is that he was too and still is. :)

So i set there in his office and i asked him in my direct way... something like this ... "So do you really want me stay in VA to help with the Mission Committee or is there another reason?" His face turned red and he started to stutter and i could feel my heart drop to the floor. I can't remember exactly what he said but it was a long conversation. He spoke and asked questions.  I spoke and asked questions. And by the end of the conversation we knew that God had us for each other. That He had arranged us from the beginning of time. Jonathan had felt the Lord leading him to me and had prayed extensively about it before i came in.  He had been reading my newsletters over the years so he knew me much more than i knew him.

I remember holding his hand after that conversation and walking over to his brother and sister in law's house together. It felt right yet i didn't even know him... i just knew the peace that i had in my heart was from Jesus and i felt like He was laughing with joy over us.

Over the next 2 months we talked to mentors and friends. I traveled to Colorado and put out the fleece "I know he is Your choice for me but, God, if this isn't the time then let me know." When i was there God provided a renter for the home i had with the other ladies and peace with the organization that i was going to work with. He flew out and drove me home meeting mentors and friends along the way. His character was sound and all approved. All of these "interviews" were just more confirmation about what God was doing. 2 months after we had that first conversation we were engaged.

He proposed with airplanes all pointing outward around the alter at our church and a globe in the center. When i walked in the room there were rose petals all down the alise. All i remember doing was laughing with tears... i don't remember all he said when he asked me ... i just remember laughing... giddy... and him with tears to asking me if that was a Yes.

My GOD is so good...His gifts are wondrous!  Jonathan's name means "gift from God". And he is exactly that to me.

Four months later we were married, May 31st, 2003. The first time our lips met was on our wedding day. (P.S. if i had to do it over again i think i would kiss before the service.. it was a little embarrassing to kiss in front of hundreds of onlookers.)

Now this week it will be 10 years of marriage. I CAN honestly say there has never be a doubt in my mind that God created Jonathan and i to be together as one. Not to say we haven't had our good share of disagreements. But i can say i am more in love with him today than i was the day we got married and  he constantly points me to Jesus.

I always tell my Indian friends that we had an arranged marriage as well... arranged by God.

He is more than i could have ever imagine... God knew exactly what would be best for me what would spur me on toward Him the most. Jonathan is an amazing leader, friend, partner, companion, father, and lover. :)

I praise God for 10 years of marriage. I am not sure what the next 10 years will bring but i am so glad to have him as my husband and mate for life.

In his wedding ring... i had this inscribed: For His glory Matt. 24:14

which is... "And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come."

And our union is exactly that... for HIS glory... till the end of time.

HERE is a video i made after our 5 year anniversary for Jonathan...

and this years....


  1. This is one of the sweetest love stories I've ever read. God is good!

  2. I remember that time. I can't believe it's been 10 years! Happy Anniversary!

  3. How precious! Happy Anniversary, Jonathan and Heidi!

  4. Thank you for your love story. I am using it to encourage my yg adults- especially my girls. We have a few you know :) Actually today we rejoice because we just passed court for 2 precious ones in Ghana.- Our number 31 and 32 blessings. So excited to hear about your blessings to. Happy Anniversary

  5. Mommajeane ---Congratulations!!!! And you need to have a how to get babies/kids seminar! I need to learn how you do it! It has been a long and hard process for us BUT Good new coming on the same subject for us!! :)