Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas through the eyes of a child

This year it is like i am seeing Christmas for the first time through the eyes of a child with child like faith. Each night we have been reading the passages during our advent time from the Bible. That He was God’s plan from the very beginning, that He was a fulfillment to all of the prophesies spoken of Him over 700 years before He was born, that He was God’s son, and God’s purpose in sending Him. We have also been reading Christmas books, doing Christmas crafts and activities, watching Christmas movies, talking about Him and His birth.

Elijah knew that it was Christmas which is Christ’s Birthday Party and I was soooo giddy Christmas morning i couldn't wait for my little ones to wake us up so we could officially start the party!

He was so excited to see the house full of balloons for Jesus’ party. We even let one fly up to the heavens today as the snow was coming down.

He noticed the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner in the tree too first thing! After that we got to play a party game… he opened up a treasure box where there were 3 crowns for the 3 wise men…
Elijah, Jeriah, and my beloved Jonathan!

He scurried around the house with daddy trying to find all of the stars. Under each star was a present for Jesus…

We opened up all the gifts and presented them to Jesus. Each year we work on special gifts for Jesus. i know God was smiling when Elijah opened his “BIG, BIG” picture that he painted. As a family this year we gave goats and sheep to a desperately needy family India in His honor (there was a card and i made goats and sheep confetti to pop out so Elijah and Jeriah could understand a little better what that was about)… though we know it is all His money anyway i know He was honored that we chose to do what He would want us to do with it. Tony, our Iraqi friend staying with us, even wrote a note to Jesus and gave a gift to Him. Then we listened to story again for a few moments.

Elijah noticed all our little people group ornaments holding hands like a garland around the tree… and asked me why. We had been hanging up each little person every day on the tree but not like this before. i told him about the end of time when Jesus comes back, that the Bible says people from every tribe tongue and nation will be worshiping Him together and that is what Heaven will be like.

i was also amazed at the beautiful party decorations that God did! He made it snow on Jesus’ Birthday! i am convinced He did that just so Elijah could see again how amazing He really is. We even went on a few sleigh rides before we went to the other parties!


  1. How beautiful Heidi! Christmas is something to really look forward to when it is a birthday celebration for our Savior.

  2. I L O V E how you make Christmas what it really should be!! Wish I had always done it like that...