Monday, December 27, 2010

Praise God! Good Adoption News

He rescues the orphaned and abandoned children of the world and He places the lonely in families! Psalm 68:6a, Psalm 9:9-12

When we followed God's leading to adopt we knew that we couldn't afford the process. Most people in the world can't. International adoptions can cost from $24,000 up. If only the abundantly wealthy adopted there would be even more orphans out there without a loving home. So we knew that God would make a way as we trusted Him. We have been saving for several years and our family and church family have come together to bless us greatly with items to sale for proceeds for the baby.

We have been overwhelmed how God is providing!

THE GOOD NEWS: We also had applied for 2 grants for our adoption. Though one of the organizations had no funds left and the other one we hadn't heard from. We know that thousands of families apply for grants, so i really wasn't expecting anything to come of it. Jonathan had hopes that we might be given a few hundred dollars.

To our surprise we got a letter in the mail today from one of the grant organizations.....
$3,000 for our adoption!!!!! Yay!!!!!

God is good! We are are now a little closer... and we are still waiting on our refferal (to be placed with and given the picture and information on our little one or ones). :)


  1. Heidi!! What wonderful news. How exciting!!!! That's a chunk and such a blessing.

  2. SO awesome!! God is so faithful.