Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tradition #4:Gifts for Him

Christmas is Christ's birthday party! Did you know He came to the earth over 2000 years ago and the world is still talking about Him? Though we give to God throughout the year, this is a special occasion where we take time as a family to celebrate the birth of Christ, praise Him and give Him gifts!

All month, with our children, we talk about possible gifts each of us can bring to Jesus' Birthday Party. On Christmas morning we bring the gifts. They can be anything that we think would bring joy to the Lord. A song, a picture, something that we can give to someone in need, something we can do for someone in need or some special way of showing love to someone... this year as a family we are going to give a gift to Him from my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CATALOG EVER! I want to circle everything!

Also, I think I am going to do an idea from this site (10 things to do on Christmas when all the gifts are for Him) this year and when the boys wake up I will have little crowns for them to wear like the wise men and they can do a treasure hunt around the house searching for the Star (and at "the star" I will put the last pocket, with the story ornament, treats, and baby Jesus (for the Nativity).

Our kids are so blessed… well beyond what a person needs and wants! They receive gifts all throughout the year! God is so good to us!! I was just thinking this morning about the blessings we have that millions of people throughout the world don’t….too much food in our pantry and fridge, a warm house, beds, too many clothes, even clean water. So as a family on Christmas morning we give to Jesus… which essentially is giving to others in need because that is what brings Him pleasure.

Maybe you think I am crazy... but God is doing something in me.. and I can’t get the reality of the 26,000 children that will die today of starvation and preventable diseases out of my mind. I know my little family can make a difference. We want our children to learn to be content, to give, and to love like Jesus does.. those are some of the biggest presents we feel that we can give them this year.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: If you like to give gifts at Christmas to others this catalog has great gift ideas for the person who has everything! You can give a gift in someone’s name and Global Partners will send them a Christmas Card with the details about the gift that was given in their honor. Proverbs 22:9 , Proverbs 28:27

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  1. OH Heidi, I just knew you would be doing this too! We're still giving our kids a few gifts this year, but we've added this to our Jesus celebration and it is SO FUN! I want it to grow bigger and bigger every year. Love you and thank you for the ministry of your example. Your heart and the way you live and how you serve your family up an intentional and consistent Jesus-Feast always encourages and challenged me. Love you!