Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas movies and books (great gift ideas)

Tradition #3: Christmas Movies and Books

Well this really isn't a tradition but it is just something extra we do to teach the kids about Christ's miraculous birth!

In December we put out books about Christ's birth and we watch Christmas movies (while eating Christmas cookies of course). I have "Book time" with the kids each day anyway so this was easy to add to the agenda. We even have a special "Book chair" that we all fit in (that will change soon i am sure...sigh).

Fun! Fun! These are great Christmas gift ideas as well (also check out my "i insist for Parents" book list on the side bar).

Christmas books List: (some are great to read year round as well)

The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg

The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt

From Akebu to Zapotec by June Hathersmith

Joy for the World by Tim Wesemann

Room in the Stable by Crystal Bowman

The Nativity by Francesca Crespi - A beautifully illustrated pop up nativity book. I got it for a few dollars on sale a Barnes last year but.... it calls the donkey by the other name...may not be good for reading children. he he...

Also i found a great list on my friend's blog!

Christmas Movies List:

2 movies from the Storybook bible about Christmas... must watch with the kids!!!
Shepherds and Baby Jesus

The Nativity Story - I insist! :)

The Star of Christmas (Veggie Tales) -We haven't watched the other Christmas ones they have but we like this one because it teaches about the miracle of Jesus. It does start off a little slow for us adults but the kids like it.

If you have any books or movie ideas for Christmas (specifically about Christ's birth) I would love the suggestions!! And if you comment about it others can see the ideas too! Thanks so much for your help!

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