Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 days left

3 days left and i am teetering between giddiness, going insane, and supernatural peace.

The insanity part would definitely be my to do list though it is now almost done.

i was going to try to do some kind of huge craigs sale this week to meet my $2,250 goal for the water well (read here if you are lost as to what i am talking about) but.... i don't think it is going to happen... i will be lucky if i get packed. Though i did post about 15 things on craigs, 15 on ebay, and 120 books on amazon a couple week ago (about 40 have already sold).

Through what we have sold so far and a random gift that ended up in my purse (thank you whoever you are!) i think we are reaching the $700 mark. The fun part is getting rid of stuff. It is better than buying it.. i know i am crazy! I will definitely be finishing up selling everything after we get back. And I will keep you posted those who are rooting for me...

If you love Jesus and love us...please pray for us... so many specifics... but especially for the boys there health, sleep, peace, and awareness. And probably the same for us.

I will kiss your orphan for you and if you don't have one that you sponsor.. i will hand pick one just for you while i am there... i will even you tube a video of the precious one for you... just let me know. :)

sigh... if i have it my way... i may not be coming back for a while. :)

To do list left:
finish Ladies/caretaker meeting and widows meeting notes
pack for all 4 of us ( i do have a pile of stuff on the bed in the "India" room) :)
pack airplane entertainment for a 3 1/2 year old and almost 2 year old
Help Nari (my Nepali/Bhutanese friend who just got her license!) find a car:
anyone have any suggestions? She is looking for yr-2000 + , red or white, low mileage
for$3,700 or less - good gas mileage car
Clean house --- it is in a sad state right now... really sad.
10 people to pray everyday for us
mail rest of valentines cards :)
Love on baby Juddah one last time
Find a replacement for nursery duty on the 27th... any volunteers?... i will take your spot when i get back.. if i come back.... jk

USB drive
water bottle with protective spouts
long skirt (goodwilling tomorrow)
Gifts - Brita water filters and jugs

i see the finish line coming for me.... though pray for my hubby just got back from Haiti and now leaving for India... his to do list is HUMONGOUS!

My little man sleeping...just started with a little cold last night.. please pray it clears us so he is feel his 100% self for the flights.


  1. So sorry Jeriah is fighting a cold! :( I will be praying it clears up before you leave!!! I will be praying for you--I'm so excited that you all get to go to India together! How awesome! :)

  2. praying for you guys..wish I could come help pack, clean and play with your boys so you could work!

  3. how fun! We've done this trip with the two girls several times. Oh my goodness it's a bit easier when they are little little. Somethings what worked well on the flight was a new surprise toy or activities (I always got those packets of magic wonder markers and books that were brand new) and me a terrible parent, but I call it compassion!! Staying confined to a three seat area for hours is tough on a toddler! have fun!!