Thursday, February 3, 2011

hosting kings

Today in my home... in my arms .....was a precious baby boy from Ethiopia, Baby Juddah.

His hero - a woman who was simply obedient to God - Cherrie Cornish, from Oregon, sit with us and told us his story.

She met this little one on a divine trip to Korah in Addis, Ethiopia. Korah is trash dump where Juddah's mom and his five year old sister along with countless others scrumage through the trash to find food.

She was helping with a clinic in the Korah slums when one of her friend's brought her to a home where there was a young mom.

In the dark room under some covers were two babies just around 10 days old, twins Juddah and Sarah. Their bodies were cold and at first she thought they were dead. When she saw that they still had a little life left in them, with the mother's blessing, she slipped them under her clothes to warm them and took them to the clinic.

After a week of nursing them back to health she notice their was a problem with Juddah. The doctors said he had hydrocephalus "water on the brain" and the only thing to do was wait for him to die. Cherrie could not accept that. She went to every large hospital in Ethiopia and they would not take him. Her only hope was to bring him to the U.S.

So she posted a message on facebook to see if their was a surgeon and hospital willing to provide what little Juddah needed. And after a series of God miracles she got him a visa. Roanoke Carillon was the first to reply! Friends that work at the hospital told us of this little miracle baby.

So that is how little Juddah ended up in my arms today...

Both Jonathan and i nearly broke into a million pieces when we saw him. We have seen children and babies from slums and dumps all over the world... but here our home...I felt so humbled.. like i was hosting a king.

Please read more about his story and what Project 61 is doing for the children in Korah, Addis, Ethiopia. And please pray for little Juddah and all his life has in store.

I look forward to many more visits with Cherrie and this precious Juddah.

Every life matters... thank you, Cherrie, for fighting for this little life... you inspire us be like Christ... and give sacrificial love.

Juddah, Sarah, their mom and grandma


  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.

  2. What an amazing story. Praying for little Juddah!