Friday, February 4, 2011

seize the day life lessons part #3

Some highlights from our "Seize the Day" month: i think i learned just as much as them if not more. i love God’s words!!!!

We memorized Psalm 118:24... thanks to somebody who made it into a song …it was pretty easy.

Elijah thoroughly enjoyed story time. i read all the verses and passages from the Bible to him in story format and drew a picture about the story that he colored. Though my drawing lacked a lot... he didn't mind...he was in quite an artistic mood this month. The pics below is all of his art for the month.

We did an activity or art project about every day. Emphasizing all verses that teach us what God thinks about how we should live every day of our life. It was so powerful! Here are just a few highlights from the month…

Number of my days

Verse: Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.” Psalm 39:4-5

Time: 45 min You will need: Bag of beans (lentils work well), 12x12 scrap paper or any thick paper, Large Picture of the child face or whole body, Glue

You can print out the verse like I did or just write it on the top of the paper. Also write the key (1 bean = 7 days) glue one bean then “= 7 days”. Cut out the back ground of the picture of the child for a cleaner look. Then talk about the verse and its meaning – that we only have moments here in this world so we must Seize the Day and do all of what God wants us to. Count how many weeks the child has lived so far. Then discuss that one bean equals seven days. Count out a bean for every week the child has lived. Then glue on the lentils on the picture. After it dries hang it up.

Another life is but a breath/seize the day lesson - Pinwheel

You will need: Straight stick or dowel rod, Thumb Tack, Double sided scrapbook paper (or glue to different colored patterned papers together and let dry), Scissors, Glue, Pin/pencil

Cut paper into 5 inch square then draw a straight line from one corner to the next to make an X. Cut along the lines halfway to the center and then fold and glue every other edge down on the center dot slightly over lapping. Then tack with map tack onto dowel rod. Make sure it is loose enough that it spins then blow on a watch twirl. Talk about the verse and talk about how our life is a short as a breath of air. Talk about how God wants us to live our short little lives and how in a short amount of time we can make a big impact that will last for eternity/forever if we let Him work through like the air spins the pinwheel. We snaped one with a wood clothes pin to this picture to remind us to pray for Lalitha (our Indian orphan we sponsor).

Ant Farm (teaching diligence)

Verses: Proverbs 6:6-11 You will need: 2 glass jars/or fish bowl (one large and one smaller jar or tube that will fit into large one),

Ants (You can purchase these fairly cheap or go searching for an ant mound of your own, avoid red ants that bite), Dirt,

Shovel, hammer, thumb tack

On the top of the metal lid hammer small holes for air with thumb tack. Place the smaller jar/tube into the larger one. This will help the ants to build their tunnels where you can see them and not in the center. Then shovel dirt in the larger jar and add ants and place lid on it. Ant like building in the dark so keep them in a dark room or closet when you are not viewing them. If you are capturing your own ants, capture get as many as you can including the larger ones, little white eggs and the ones with wings (queen ant possibly). If ants are not available you can order them online. Since it is cold here and ants are not running about yet I bought mine for 4.95 free shipping: Ants like to eat small bread crumbs, or bread dipped in sugar water or with a drop of honey. They can also eat tiny bits of fruit and vegetables but don't feed them too much or their tank can get cluttered before they can remove it to their underground storage space.To water your new pets, let your child drop a water soaked cotton ball into the jar. Most of the liquid ants need they can get from their food but it is a good idea to add a new wet cotton ball every few days as needed. Avoid moving the “Farm”. After Ant farm has been building for a few days take time to observe. Talk about how diligently they work to build their home: What are the ants doing? Are they sleeping? Are they working hard?

Drawing Dinner

Verse: So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Time: Dinner time. (5 minutes prep) You will need: One large sheet of white or light colored paper (Recycle and use the white side of old wrapping paper), table cloth, Markers or crayons

Before dinner place table cloth on table for padding and then cover completely with one large sheet of paper. Write the verse large in the middle. Then set the dinner table. Dinner time is such a great time of day to relax and spend time together as a family. Invite the family to dine and draw and color all you did that day and discuss what you each of you did and how you did it to bring fame to God and joy to Him or things you learned about Him that day.

Daddy was such a good sport and drew his day and what he did for the glory of the Lord too... that is his office and the smoke coming out of the window is his brain working for the glory of God. :)

Daily i think about these two dear women that i have had the privilege of knowing. Please pray for Jimmy, Kathy’s husband, it has already been a week since her passing.. and i don’t know what he is going through but i just can’t imagine.

During my Texas years serving Teen Mania both of these women with a few others would get together and pray for me. They would write me encouraging notes spurring me along. God used these intercessors in a powerful way in my life and all over the world. Their life example encourages me to pray fervently for others.... this along with all of the scriptures in this study have really began a transforming work deep within me....hard to put into words yet.

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