Wednesday, September 1, 2010

things that make me happy...

There are a collection of things that make me thoroughly giddy. One of those things is enjoying the simple miracles of life with friends from another culture.

Today we swam together, I made my first curry all on my own with no recipe (which they actually liked a lot), we drove along the parkway, hiked around peaks of otter lake and just enjoyed each other and God’s beautiful creation. It was Beda’s first time to ever swim in a pool. We have experienced a lot of firsts with our friends. Just 8 months ago they lived in stick houses in over populated refugee camps in Nepal. Like these. Now, by God’s sweet love, they are here with us in Roanoke, VA.

As we walked around the lake they wanted to take pictures of everything, even the apple trees. They couldn’t believe that we could pick them for free and that they weren’t all gone yet from everyone else picking them. They got excited when we feed the fish. They were surprised that, with a license, you could keep the fish you caught and not have to pay anything.

Something else random I learned today… not all mushrooms growing wild are poisonous. Beda taught me how to tell the difference between good and bad ones. She was like a kid in a candy store walking around collecting yummy mushrooms. She said in her village that finding a mushroom was rare because everyone would get to them before you. If you wanted one you had to be out there searching by 2:00am. And here I have passed them by for years paying no attention to the scrumptious free feast at my feet. Though i think i will only hunt with the expert... there are some scary mushrooms out there.

Mira nannees (“my babies” in nepali) enjoyed their “friends” too! We all had a rambru(very good) time. And now I reflect on my day with a contented sigh… I am exactly where God wants me to be… here in Roanoke, VA and the nations that my heart longs and prays for are coming to me. Thank you Lord for bringing the Kadariya Family to us! Thank you - Nari, Beda, and Tek for making my day so special!


  1. That is so beautiful, Heidi! I just love your heart!

  2. Love it Heidi! It makes me happy just reading your post. How great! I wish I did more "welcoming"