Sunday, November 10, 2013

life, it is but a breath

it has kind of been the most motivating verse for me over the years along with.. "To live is Christ and to die is gain." Phil. 1:21 

The beauty of life, though temporary it is, it doesn't end with your last breath. That is when it all begins - in a more amazing out of this world way than we can ever imagine.

i am in the midst of something unlike anything i have experienced. The most wonderful part of this "valley" is that my family and i are not alone. God has been showing me that HE is "Jehovah Shammah" as generations of His children over thousands of years have been calling Him.... it means "God with us".

i don't pretend to know what God is up to or His masterful plan in every detail of life (Prov. 19:21, Jer. 10:23, Eccl. 6:10, 11:5, 10:14, Prov. 16:33, Prov. 16:1,9, Prov. 29:30) nor do it know that my pleading will change that plan, nor do i know that what i think is good is what He thinks is good. I do know that....

HE is good. (Rom. 8:28, James 1:16-18, Psalms 106:1-2, Psalms 116:5, Psalm 16:2, Psalm 13:6, Psalm 103:13)


HIS plan is good. It is forever with Him... life abundantly (John 10:10, Psalm 37:23-24, Phil. 1:6, Rom. 12:2, Psalm 138:8, 2 Thess 1:11, John 17:3, John 3:16, Rom 6:23)

It is hard to write as i am walking through this valley.... i know there is much i am learning, He is steadfastly showing me... and much i may never understand or see until heaven.

Over a week ago, my sister (my only sibling-one year older than me, also a wife and a beloved home school mom of 4 young children) had an MRI on her brain showing 50 to 60 brain tumors. This is what is predicted for this aggressive type of cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Adenocarcinoma lung cancer over a year and a half ago and it is a miracle that she has done so well this long. Everyday is a miracle! Holly is peaceful and taking each day as gift from God. Her faith and love for her children has always been inspiring but even more so now.

i was thinking this past week that... she will not die... yes, one day she will take her last breath on this earth like all of us.... but then after that last breath she will live... and live abundantly... fully... and forever we were all created to... and we both have longed for....with Jehovah Shammah. What will die will be our plan of the day we think it should be.

We haughtily assume that we have life here on this earth forever... like it is due to us or owed us. If we are healthy, good people, and love the Lord... that we live long....we will see our children grow up and we will see their children grow up. But we don't know the number of our days. Only God does. And life is so short.....Oh the hours and hours i have wasted in this short life.

What if i were to live like i didn't have much time?.... what would i do differently? A lot is the answer.... Lord, help me to see life the way You do... to live for eternity.

Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you;  at best, each of us is but a breath.” Psalm 39:4-5

Please do pray for Holly - that HE would extend the days of her life and keep her mind healthy to the end and help her to seize the moments and continue in that peace that passes all understanding. (Phil. 4:7) Pray also for her husband, her 4 children (3 to 13years old), and my parents and grandma.

Holly and her hubby. 

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  1. Thank you Heidi. God's plan is not ours but to do His will while we have a chance. Your inspiration is accepted and will be used for HIs work here on Earth. God bless, and our prayers continue for Heidi.