Sunday, September 26, 2010

all have...

My Elijah started his first official club 2 weeks ago. He is an AWANA Cubbie … he has to wear a vest and everything! I am elated about it all. My Hubby practically can quote the whole Bible and I am positive one the greatest influences in his memorizing the Bible was his participation in this club many years ago.

So we did well with the first verse…. “God loved us..and sent his son” 1 John 4:10…(in fact all of us have been chanting it in our sleep) …but this week was another story…

The verse was “all have sinned” Romans 3:23. And boy was it a struggle all week we would say it and talk about the verse and all week Elijah would avoid the “sinned” part. He had the “All have” and the “Romans 3:23” down… but would always replace the “sinned” with something else… “all have made”, “all have God” “all have he he he he” … he knew how to say the word and he knows well what it means…he just didn’t want to say it.

I know why it was so hard… a lot of times i have a hard time admitting it to. But that is first step to renewing and beginning our relationship with the living GOD. We must admit that we have failed and that we can’t do life on our own. That we are not and never will be good enough… that we need Jesus.

Yesterday Elijah was sitting with me and we were talking and he asked “have you sinned mommy?” and I told him the dirty sad truth…. that yes I have, that even today I did several things that were not pleasing to God, that I chose my way instead of God’s way.

All have sinned… we are all sinners….weather we admit it or not… the key to true joy though is eating the humble pie and admitting it… it is the first step to rekindling the most amazing relationship that exists and helping every other relationship flourish, heal and grow.


  1. AWANA's is great! That's how David knows so many Bible verses as well. So glad Elijah gets to do it.

  2. Yay! Bear hugs 1 & 2! We did those too and we had a similar experience with Romans 3:23. JoeAnna would say a mumble! Their little hearts are deceitful to them even at their young age. It keeps me praying for her though! I love scripture memory!!!
    (And I just saw your side bar that you have the seeds family worship cds? We live by those!! So cool!)

  3. I have always wanted to get my kids into Awana's! We've just never had one close enough to us or on a good night... so glad you have that opportunity!

  4. I'm so excited he is doing Awanas! I went through the whole program (3 years - 6th grade). It had a HUGE influence in my life. My mom has been the Cubbie director since I was a Cubbie! She has 70 3 and 4 year olds each week!