Wednesday, September 8, 2010


it is our habit to get the most out of our weekends... this weekend was no exception.

Friday we headed up to Ohio to spend time with family.

Saturday we went to a castle in Ohio (I know random ..huh?) to see this beautiful couple make their marital vows. The bride (my cousin) was so giddy. Very fun!

Sunday we arrived back home around 4:15am after 7+hour drive… the little ones slept well.. Jonathan and I were lacking but Jonathan was at church at 10:00am (well more like 10:20am) to send off Jonathan’s aunt, uncle, and cousin back to Slovakia while I and the babies slept in. Then we went to Jonathan’s mom and dad’s to eat, swim, and fellowship. At night we met mom and dad over at my sister’s to go stargazing and glance through their new telescope…such a clear night… we could see countless stars. We toasted marshmallows too… yum..which some how, in all the night’s fun, ended up on Jeriah’s pants and all over my arm and shirt.

Monday I cleaned house a bit then went back over Jonathan’s parents to eat and swim again and caught a beautiful sunset and Jonathan caught the VT game with his family.

and Tuesday…well the weekend was over.

Often I wonder why God has me where I am at… then weekends like this one He shows me the great blessings of having such great family so close. We may not always have this blessing…especially if God leads us to some other country…till then I will enjoy every moment.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend family!

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  1. Sounds wonderful! You are so right about having family near . . . we are abundantly blessed with that as well.

    The picture of your cousin is so cute! Love it!