Monday, January 24, 2011

but a breath

Etholene Wills

Yesterday i watched as a dear friend went from this world to meet the lover of her soul, Jesus Christ. i can't even imagine her reaction as she entered heaven and saw Jesus in all His splendor face to face.

In all the years i have know her she loved Jesus with all her heart, mind, and soul. She prayed fervently for Jonathan and i before we even knew each other and then for us together throughout the years. She was a prayer warrior. She was a woman full of joy. She told everyone about Jesus. She walked this life with Him. Even through the trials of life she praised Him, surviving the loss of her husband and her son.

She was 88 years old when she passed yesterday a little after 5pm. Many times i would visit her and she would say she was ready to meet Him face to face, but God kept holding on to her life. i think it was because of her passion for Jesus, her home nurses even came to understand our great God through her passion for Him.

i am so thankful for her daughter, Betty Jo, and her family who let Jonathan and i be a part of her departure. Though she will be greatly missed... somehow there was a bit of giddyness amidst the tears yesterday. As each of us knew that she was with her Creator and pictured her dancing and laughing with Him.

Thank you, Lord, for Etholene and the reminder that life is but a breath. i pray that we will follow her example and live every moment for the things in life that really matter:Loving Him and sharing His love with others.

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  1. I know Doris told you, but I work with Etholene´s sweet daughter. Doris and her husband are some of the most Godly people I have ever known. It is a priviledge to know them. I have the joy of Doris´ sweet spirit everyday!