Thursday, January 13, 2011

a pair of worn out Timberland boots

i woke up at 2:30am this morning pondering a worn out pair of Timberland boots…

A timberland boot is costly but exactly what you need to climb high mountains and walk through the rough terrains of life. It is the wise purchase if that is what you want to do. Many people purchase the boot because it is popular and others have it. Some stand in line for hours waiting for the local outdoor store to open during it’s annual sale in order to get them at a good price. But what happens to a majority of these costly boots?

Often they are worn during one little hike and then kept in the closest for that “some day” adventure one may take. The truth is that if you are not hiking mountains and rough terrain you are mostly wearing a different pair of shoes... loafers will really do for the comfortable life.

i thought about what it would really take to wear out a pair of timberline boots. It would mean going to the dirty places in the world. It would mean long treks through the highest mountains and the lowest valleys…it would mean constantly walking along narrow rough paths. Paths that not many people walk on to places most people don’t go.

These boots are made to withstand water and rain and rocky terrain but many of them just sit the back of closets sometimes even forgotten.

These boots remind me of the life of a follower of Christ. What will I do with my life? Will i sit it in a closet? Maybe take one short little trek then go back to the comfortable life of the loafer? Or will i put them on and start walking…walking to the places where no one else has gone the narrow path that God has planned for my life? Will these boots see hard terrain? Stormy nights and rocky mountain cliffs? Will i use these boots the way they were made to be used? Will i take these boots where they were meant to be taken?

i looked on the internet to try to find an image of a pair of old worn out timberlands but not one could be found… probably because the wearer of an old pair of Timberland boots would wearing them somewhere in the world not posting them on the internet.

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