Monday, March 7, 2011

from Elijah's perspective

Since 3:30am i've been up with my munchkins so i thought this was as good as time as any to share a little glimpse of our India memories. We will start with Elijah's perspective.

Elijah is 3 and 1/2 years old now. He has been to a few places around the US, to Haiti, and to Slovakia but all before he was at an age where he really could remember it. All he knew about India was that is was a place we prayed for and daddy went on trips there a lot and it took an airplane to get there.

Often Elijah asked us if he could go on an airplane...probably because we visit the airport so much. We always tell him you have to have a ticket. So he was elated when we told him we were going to India and we got him a "ticket" (thanks to Aunt Lynda's buddy passes!).

In the middle of the night we left. We had to fly out of Richmond and on the way there Elijah sang "I'm going to the airport, I'm going to the airport, I'm going to the airport, where are WE going?, We're going to the airport!" over and over again till finally we had to remind him that it was the middle of the night and we needed to rest. :) I know ....we're party poopers, but if you were in the car i think you would have agreed.

Elijah made us see flying with a new excitement after 3 planes we ended up in Andra Pradesh, India. He slept for 9 hours of the 15 hour a natural flyer. We were so proud of him.

We took our time getting there. We had a pretty tight schedule but there was time to relax and get ourselves some what acclimated to the time change. Though the boys kept waking up at 4 am throughout the trip

He was so at home in India. The first day with meeting the children in one of our homes didn't go so well because both of them were very sleepy therefore grumpy. Also they weren't use to being greeted by 25 kids singing, beating drums, and extremely excited to see them. But on the way home Elijah warmed up to all their love and enjoyed the boys.

The rest of the trip he played well with the children. He had his own fan club! By the last children's home He was playing kabaddi (an Indian game) and teaching the kids "the larry boy game" which he made up as he went along.


The worst part of the trip would have to be all the cheek pinching.. in India it is a common thing for anyone to come up and pinch the tar out of your cheeks and my boys got there fair share. Elijah learned to start wailing arms at them to keep them away.. though i am sure it was culturally impolite... we let him defend himself. :)

One the best parts of his trip was all the transportation. Like most boys, he is fascinated with transportation. He experienced 6 planes, 3 choo choo trains, jeep rides down bumpy roads, buses, air trains, taxi rides, an auto rickshaw, and 2 motorcycle rides.
Elijah on a Rickshaw

Elijah and Jeriah on the train ride after a good night sleep.

Our friend and main driver, Wilson, took Elijah for his first motorcycle ride...which i thought was suppose to be around in a little circle... but instead i found my self fervently praying as i saw Wilson, Elijah and Vijah go down a main Indian road with rickshaws, bikes, people, cars, and probably a cow or two. Though most Indians ride there entire families on their motorcycles to get from place to place, i wasn't quite ready to see mine on an Indian road. But of course Elijah throughly enjoyed it.

His closest friend on the trip was Jessie. I think he vaguely remembered her from when she came and stayed with us when he was around Jeriah's age. She is our main partner's daughter and she has become one of our dear sisters that Jonathan and i both love and pray for.

He also was excited to see his "big sister" who we pray for and sponsor. He recognized her and stuck with her throughout the day.

Thank you for all you who prayed for the boys. I know God answered your prayers! They both had a cold before we left but healed up nicely from that while we were there. They ate japatis, pooris, and egg omelets, as well as snacks and pediasures i brought. They weren't too interested in the rice and curries. The Lord protected there health and gave me peace about it all which i am so thankful for.

Elijah eating japatis and an omelet off of a banana leaf.

i asked Elijah what he missed about India and what was his favorite part of the trip. So from His words...

"Dat was a fuwn trip. I like Inia mommy. I like my Inia house. I miss Jessie. I am so sad about dat. I liked going to hanawapaplem (a children's home where he played). I liked chasing frogs, rackshack and benny with bjay (Vijah), going at de airport and going on an airplane, and going to my house. I liked the the choo choo rides, i went on frwee choo choos. I wuv all the children of the werld mommy. God wuvs all the children of the werld. we want to go der all all day mommy and sleep der and wake up der"

Elijah did really was just like home for him. This last picture is of Elijah getting a hair cut. For $2 the barber comes to your house and cuts your hair. I could easily get use to this!

and this last video is after about 30 hours of traveling on the way home...

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  1. These are great posts, Heidi! Such a fun idea to see India through the eyes of your boys!!