Monday, March 7, 2011

Jeriah's perspecitve

Now Jeriah is my little man.... he will be 2 years old in May. Though any trip for this age can be a challenge, he did so well. He has traveled throughout the US and when he was a month old went with us to Haiti, though trips are different for a toddler who is not content with being held all the time.

The 15 hour flights to and from were a little restless for Jeriah and therefore mommy. Throughout the trip he did finally get the hang of sleeping anywhere when he got tired enough which helped us all out.

He had a cold when we left which due to the flying turned into an ear infection so the first day we were there we took him to a doctor. The complete doctor visit, ear drops, and amoxicillin cost us $5. I could definitely get use to that! His infection and cold cleared up toward the end of the trip.

Jeriah is naturally a pretty laid back little man though a little grumpy in the mornings. He has always been a moma's boy, but on the trip he really took to daddy... great bonding time for them both.

We also noticed his preference to men. He didn't like any of the ladies but loved the men and would even reach out to total strangers. Which moma kept a close eye on.

He really grew fond of our main partner, Steeven.

He started to be more conversational which concluded a really cute "nooooooo" which usually was a reply to the cheek pinching and smothering. He also learned to say body, bucket, bike, and a few other words.

"Bucket" came about because of the bucket baths that we got use to.

"Bike" started the first day when he discovered the motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. He was fascinated by them. Every house we went in you could see his eyes searching for the helmet and then he would point and proclaim "bike, bike, bike" and recruit whoever was willing to take him out to the house owners bike to have a ride (sit).

Children instantly bond you with strangers no matter where you are at in the world and helps us really get to know and share love with people that may not have connected with us otherwise. Jeriah was a people magnet.


He was a good little eater even trying a new juice. Here he is with his first coconut juice right out of the coconut. :) Talk about organic! :)

If he could tell me what he enjoyed the most i am sure it was us all being together as a family... he is quite lovable. Next would be the bikes and people he met.

Today i asked him if he wanted to go back to India and he replied with an emphatic yes... "yea yea yea yea" (while flaping arms wildly).

We will see what God has in store for us, little Jeriah!

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