Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Okay i am getting giddy about this month long Christmas celebration...

....it could be the brightly colored lights my boy insisted we hang on our house for Jesus' party....that make me both cringe and laugh with joy when i see them.

...it could be that i know that possibly 60 other families will be praying with us for 25 people groups from around the world that need to know GOD's great love.

...it could be this Christmas Fair coming up this weekend where we are hoping that thousands of dollars get raised to take care of the basic needs of over 250 orphans! Come on out 100% goes to help the orphans!

...it could be the overwhelming realization of who and what we are celebrating this season.....i feel overwhelmed.... do we really get it....the kind of love it took for the HOLY ALMIGHTY GOD to come as a baby in a human body...
overwhelmed to tears....

God, may i take your word literally and may this season put all of us in AWE of YOU!!!!!

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