Monday, November 12, 2012

busy bee

Busy bee that is me...

I have been so busy recently ... doing good things... things to show the nations HIS love... things that show HIS love to my 3 little ones ...

though all of those things are good i miss my time with HIM.

I miss my time smothering myself in HIS all powerful life giving word... i love to swim in the truth till i start to soak the nourishing waters in. I miss my walks alone and my time of fervent prayer has been so minimal...

oh Martha... so busy...

I am ready for a Mary Fast. Can i do it during this busy season with these little ones and a busy hubby coming home soon?

I must.

I NEED HIM! He is the bread of life.... and i am starving! I don't just want a bit here and there i want to feast!!!!

I can't do this busy in passing relationship with GOD ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

HERE IS A GOOD MESSAGE to you hungry Jesus lovers out there that need a little truth to kick you in the behind... like i do. :)

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