Saturday, November 24, 2012

what do you want for Christmas?

shouldn't the question be what does HE want for Christmas? After all it is HIM and His birth we are celebrating.

Isn't He enough anyway... who needs made up magic when you can have real miracles from God who is truly amazing?!

and not only that but what in the world do we need or want besides HIM... isn't HE enough. (Yes, Jesus, is).....the Lord is my shepherd i shall not want.... right?!

So sweet little lady at the grocery store... don't ask my kids what they want for Christmas... if you do expect and answer from me that they want to celebrate the KING for Christmas.

And so if the question is WHAT DOES HE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? what is the answer?...

That is exactly what my kiddos and i have been studying over the past year. He wants our praise, our lives, our worship, our focus, our love.... He said when you give to the least of these you give to Him...He said if you have His love in your heart you will show His love to others.. He wants us to show love to the poor and the needy.

Every year we have lots of Christmas Traditions (see here for a few) that don't include the focus on us but on HIM. And no we don't do gifts for each other at Christmas.... never have since the kids have been born and never will...

Life is all about HIM, we don't need or want except for HIM.

"So sad for Children"? to Jesus (our Creator)...  very blessed children. And celebrating Him is what we are created to do and FUN!

We do give to the poor the destitute, the needy, because that is what pleases HIM. Check out the GPPD catalog for opportunities to give to HIM this Christmas...

May sound crazy to you... but not to is completely biblical... our God is worthy of all our adoration all of the time and this Christmas. We praise HIM for the miracle of coming as a humble man to earth to show us a powerful love that is like nothing this world offers.

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  1. Yes indeed!! I too dislike the question "what do you want for Christmas?" asked to children as though that is what Christmas is all about....(or "what will Santa bring you?")....the best gifts cannot be wrapped in a package. like beatrice's goat!! ;)