Thursday, November 22, 2012

Global Dolls bring help and hope

GPPD has just come out with Nations Dolls...

Each beautiful handmade 18" doll represents a people group somewhere in the world. They are made by women in poverty that went through our Sewing Micro Business Training. They each come with a card that tells the story of a real little girl in that people group and details on how to pray for the people they represent. They also come with a link to a interactive website from the Doll!

All of the money goes to help these impoverished women start their businesses and provide for the basic needs for their family AND build a home for orphans and destitute widows in India.

So make a donation, change the world, and get a beautiful doll! 

Meet Bujjamma who made the Bedawi doll. The money she earns will help her go to nursing school. Bujjama was 7 years old when her parent died and she lived in the GPPD children's home since she was 8 years old. 

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